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Winter Solstice - Last blog post of 2023!

I took this photo last night before doing my Winter Solstice (otherwise known as Yule) celebrations. On the longest, darkest night of the year, its a good opportunity to take our cues from nature and use the time to rest, to recuperate, to take stock of what's passed this last year. It's also a gentle reminder that the light shall be returning, that each day it'll get a little brighter.  I've spent the first part of solstice being out in nature with my girls, we visited Lardon Chase and the Holies, taking a moment to sit on top of the hill and look out at the vista. We saw red kites, found small weathered flowers somehow surviving in the gales, we even had a herd of cows come and investigate us! It was bracing and life affirming. Simple pleasures.  For my personal Solstice celebrations I baked mince pies and made vegan trifle, (I'll provide more pics and verdicts once we've tried them)!  In the evening I then took myself away to do some longer meditation (I do t

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