Winter Solstice - Last blog post of 2023!

I took this photo last night before doing my Winter Solstice (otherwise known as Yule) celebrations. On the longest, darkest night of the year, its a good opportunity to take our cues from nature and use the time to rest, to recuperate, to take stock of what's passed this last year. It's also a gentle reminder that the light shall be returning, that each day it'll get a little brighter. 

I've spent the first part of solstice being out in nature with my girls, we visited Lardon Chase and the Holies, taking a moment to sit on top of the hill and look out at the vista. We saw red kites, found small weathered flowers somehow surviving in the gales, we even had a herd of cows come and investigate us! It was bracing and life affirming. Simple pleasures. 

For my personal Solstice celebrations I baked mince pies and made vegan trifle, (I'll provide more pics and verdicts once we've tried them)! 

In the evening I then took myself away to do some longer meditation (I do ten minutes everyday) and spend some time journaling. Here are the prompts I used: 

1) What are you letting go of? 
2) What has 2023 taught you? 
3) What desires are you manifesting in 2024? 

Once I'd journaled, I then lit a white candle and said aloud what I'm letting go of. 
For me it went something like this: 

I'm letting go of imposter syndrome, of not feeling good enough. 
I'm letting go of impatience and anger and my feelings of shame around those two emotions. 

In 2024 I'm inviting in more opportunities to write, to go on adventures in nature with my family and friends. I want to surf more, to see live music, to have sandy toes and campfire smiles. 

I hope this winter solstice gives you respite and 2024 is beckoned in with joy, abundance, good health and peace for one and all. 

Lots of Love 





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