Hey Lovebugs, 

Welcome to my blog, I'm stoked to have you here!

My name is Sophia and I run Hippie Trail Vintage. 

I'm also a mother of two girls, but watch this space because if I get my way, there'll be way more laughter around the table (I'm aiming for four)! 
I'm happily married to my Mr Sunshine, he's the butter to my toast, the whisky in my soda (you get the idea...) We've been together almost ten years, married for two and have been everywhere from Lagos Nigeria, to Newquay together. 

Once we're friends you'll know that Dolly Parton is a modern day apostle in my household, I also love 70's music and have affections for Black Sabbath right over to Bread, to name a few of my faves. 
When I'm not pregnant I love to surf, as I'm landlocked and have two kids under 2 I haven't done a whole lot of that recently...but I will.

My love language is Mediterranean food and I'm saving up to go travelling around the Greek Islands.
Back in the wilderness of my youth I travelled a lot (here comes a humble brag...), I have lived and worked in Ethiopia, Senegal and Slovakia, I only started travelling abroad at seventeen having never been with my family, the first place I stayed was in Croatia helping rescue vultures!
I also used to run a yoga and surf retreat business, my favorite trip being to Hoddevik in Norway, living in a traditional house with some truly special yogini's. 
I've surfed everywhere from Cape town to Costa Rica, Scotland to Nigeria as well as much of the UK with the landlocked surfers. Surfing in my husband's country of Nigeria with Godpower, Nigeria's only surf coach, was pretty special (Hi Godpower if you're reading this)! 

If I had to describe my style it's witchy, hippie chick straight out of the 70s!
 I hope coming here leaves you feeling inspired to try second hand as it's not only great for the planet, it also makes you feel pretty dam good too!




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